What can Global Cross Pollination mean? Participants in this panel conversation hosted by CreativeNL during Dutch Design Week 2022 discuss the importance of international long-term sustainable creative collaborations and where to start. What tools do we have, and what do we need going forward? How to facilitate and empower the Dutch creative industry and collaborators in global arenas?

Joan den Exter speaks on behalf of The Linen Project about learning by doing, reconnecting with nature and community, and how initiatives like Shared Stewardship and participating in the Global Fashioning Assembly can contribute to a deeper understanding and (re)activation of diverse local economies; working to empower each other. She joins Jimmy-Pierre de Graaf, interdisciplinary creative producer in the international performing arts sector, and Amanda Boomstra, studio director at human-centred, society-driven digital design agency Fabrique

View the conversation from 30:50 minutes in the CreativeNL recording below. Talk in English. The live panel was originally held in Eindhoven on 27 October 2022.