In recent years, The Linen Project has explored and put into practice different approaches to activities within and relating to the linen economy, investigating the viability of small-scale local linen production. From (biodynamic) flax cultivation to fibre processing, handcraft to mechanised forms of textile manufacturing. Acknowledging the resources and (human) engagement involved in each process, from soil to farmer to end-user. A number of constellations have been identified, each having its own dynamic and conditions.

Going forward, The Linen Project is working to establish two new value chains for linen: one for the Shared Stewardship, focusing on manual processing and a collective value chain, focusing on industrial processing. The Linen Project is proud to have received a grant from CLICKNL: the knowledge and innovation network of the creative industry. Thanks to CLICKNL’s support, we are driving The Linen Economy forward throughout 2023 and 2024.