For the collective value chain, we collaborate with partners in agriculture, production and retail. Our goal is to build capacity for growing flax and linen production in the Netherlands, with each phase of the chain adding value. This extends from the earth and the farmer to the flax processor, spinner, weaver, dyer, finisher, designer, maker, retailer and ultimately the end-user. To achieve this, we will collectively go through the entire chain, exploring the challenges and opportunities of designing a collective value chain in which all stakeholders actively participate and feel responsible and connected to each other. All partners share the ambition to build a more balanced, caring and equitable future and to contribute to the restoration of nature.

The following partners commit to the project, each from their own role and area of expertise: Enschede Textielstad, Auping, New Tailor, Joline Jolink, Vepa and Avans University of Applied Sciences/The Centre of Expertise Wellbeing Economy and New Entrepreneurship.

The outcome will be an initial blueprint for forging a collaborative linen value chain, wherein partners, end-users and the creative industry do justice to each other in the collective and create positive impact. This involves mapping out how partners deal with creating this common ground and how they mutually strengthen and support each other for the long term. Through this research, a methodology is developed and an ecosystem is built to further develop and shape this chain over time.

Meet the partners: 

Auping designs, develops and manufactures beds, mattresses, bedroom furniture, related accessories and sleep technology with a focus on circularity. They have already established a value chain for a circular mattress.

New Tailor creates custom suits for men and aims to bring the tailoring craft back to the Netherlands as much as possible. They aspire to work with locally sourced materials. By purchasing multiple Linnen Kavels, they have taken the first step with Dutch linen.

Joline Jolink operates a business entirely focused on sustainability, with a love for humanity, animals and nature. They collaborate as much as possible with Dutch partners committed to quality, local production and sustainable manufacturing methods. In 2023, they launched a jacket made linen from the project.

Enschede Textielstad is a small-scale industrial weaving mill in the Netherlands that produces garment and interior textiles with local and/or recycled yarns. Their goal is to produce as locally as possible and provide brands engaged in sustainability with high-quality fabrics in an accessible manner.

The Centre of Expertise Wellbeing Economy and New Entrepreneurship is an initiative of Avans University of Applied Sciences. They are dedicated to fostering a transition toward economies that are socially and ecologically equitable. Their work involves practical research, seeking ways to operate within the Earth’s ecological boundaries.