With a local small-scale linen chain, The Linen Project wants to explore an alternative economic system. We seek to establish a value chain in which all of the parties involved – from the farmer to the producer, to the end-user – participate and share in the values that are created and exchanged throughout the entire chain. On the basis of this common aspiration, the partnership with Enschede Textielstad was formed. With Linnen Kavels – named for the land lots on which the flax fibre is cultivated – we make an essential connection between producer(s) and (end)user(s).

One Linnen Kavel consists of five running metres of fabric. Three types of weaves are offered – plain, twill and satin – in different densities. The Linnen Kavels are produced from linen yarn obtained from The Linen Project’s flax fibre yield and are woven by the team at Enschede Textielstad. Pre-orders can be placed from 1 Linnen Kavel to a maximum of 10 Linnen Kavels per order.

With the sale of the Linnen Kavels, The Linen Project and Enschede Textielstad are looking for like-minded businesses, makers and citizens to establish sustainable partnerships, through which we can jointly form a generative and cooperative flax and textile value chain in the Netherlands. In 2022 we began getting acquainted with potential local partners and offering the opportunity to place pre-orders, and the first Linnen Kavels were delivered early in 2023.
This is an ongoing process. Those interested in the Linnen Kavels are encouraged to contact kavels@thelinenproject.online for more information.