The Research Collective for Decoloniality and Fashion (RCDF) invited The Linen Project to participate in the first Global Fashioning Assembly (GFA22) – a three-day live-on-zoom event with an international multi-host programme connecting a network of local coalitions and audiences across diverse geographies and activities.

During this online panel presentation moderated by textile anthropologist Sandra Niessen,
The Linen Project coordinator Joan den Exter is joined by past and present Linen Stewards Karin Wijnen, Hans Hutting, Carolien Evers and Henrike Gootjes. They share their insights and experience as participants of The Linen Project and the Shared Stewardship initiative, as well as connections with their respective practices and lives, with a focus on the social, ecological and cultural ‘commoning’ approach.

Panel talk held in English and Dutch. This segment of the first Global Fashioning Assembly – which aims to decentralise knowledge creation and sharing regarding fashion – was hosted online with a live international audience on October 22 2022. View the featured video profiles for RCDF by Theodoor Adriaans in the flaxicon.