On July 08 – 10, 2022, The Linen Project hosted an intimate exhibition in Arnhem coinciding with the concluding week of Fashion Design Festival Arnhem and State of Fashion 2022. The expo gave insight into the project’s various core activities and outcomes so far, and offered the opportunity to get acquainted with and place pre-orders for Linnen Kavels. Members of the core team were present, along with various Linen Stewards, to share their experience and knowledge gained learning by doing.

Visitors walked through a gallery of visual impressions from 2018 – 2022; cultivation activities at diverse locations, the various explorations of traditional flax and linen processing by machine and by hand, and the many bodies, beings, environments and energies involved. Flax sheaves and fibres in different stages and forms of processing were present for visitors to touch and test. Material outcomes included sample Linnen Kavels, garments from the prototype Make Your Own Denim workshop and Co-Design processes, a range of individual flax fibre and linen explorations and experiments courtesy of the Linen Stewards, linen paper produced by the Linen Stewards at de Middelste Molen, and a textile sample crafted at the Netherlands Open Air Museum weaving workshop.