Pascale Gatzen joins local designer and Linen Steward 2020 Sjaak Hullekes in conversation for Renew the System – local values and history. In this segment, Sjaak visits various organisations that aim to change the fashion system and society, starting with local resources.

During their meeting at the Linen Stewards’ flaxshed, Pascale shares insight into how the activities of The Linen Project contribute to retaining the liveliness of haptic knowledge and reinstating a local textile industry; the role of agriculture, embodied awareness through learning by doing, community, and connection. Participating in the subsequent livestream panel conversation are Annemieke Koster of Enschede Textielstad and Jolanda Buts of Studio Ryn.

Conversations are held in Dutch. The Renew the System series is a collaboration by Culture.Fashion and Arnhem-based brand Hul le Kes. This live-streamed event was held on January 15 2021 and remains available to view online.