During this public workshop facilitated by Carolien Evers and fellow Linen Stewards during the State of Fashion biennale 2022, members of the Shared Stewardship community shared their insights and experiences of growing and processing their own materials in collectivity, by hand, from seed to fibre to yarn. What does it mean to make your own textiles for everyday use by hand? Following a video presentation about the how and the what in terms of flax and linen, the workshop participants were invited to (learn to) spin wool with a spinning top, and or to weave a small fabric of their own on versions of a hand-held loom. The Linen Stewards supported them in learning how to make textiles from everyday natural materials while exchanging stories and sharing their own (collective) hand-made material outcomes.

The live workshop – part of the State of Fashion 2022 programme around the biennale’s central theme Ways of Caring – took place at Showroom Arnhem on June 23 2022.