One Field One T-Shirt – Takahiro Hasegawa

ArtEZ Practice Held in Common alumni Takahiro Hasegawa conducted his master’s investigation within the context of the Linen Project Research Track. The first phase of his project One Field One T-Shirt took place at the Netherlands Open Air Museum, Arnhem, where he cultivated his flax with the generous assistance of Michaèl Brandt (horticultural department) in 2019.

In his practice, Hasegawa explores ways to connect people and material. One Field One T-shirt centres around him making an entire T-shirt from scratch, starting with nothing but flaxseeds and a small plot of soil; the amount and size calculated to produce the exact amount of fibre needed for a single garment. Hasegawa observed and recorded the progress of his plants daily for the duration of the cultivation process, encountering sunny days and beautiful blue blossoms, as well as the threats of windy storms, and resident geese and moles disturbing the soil and consequently the plant growth. Overall contributing to a profound embodied experience.

After visiting his field at the Netherlands Open Air Museum for 103 days in a row, Hasegawa harvested his first flax in the summer of 2019 with the participation of the Linen Project volunteers. Having procured the fibre, the linen T-shirt is now ready to be knitted.

Hasegawa’s practice furthermore recognises relationships based on traditions and locality. Circumstances allowing, the resulting garment would be laid out on what was traditionally the bleaching field at Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem.

Images of One Field One T-Shirt courtesy of Takahiro Hasegawa.

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