Hand Woven Linen Textiles by Eva Klee

As part of our investigation of diverse small-scale production possibilities in the Netherlands, local weaver Eva Klee created hand-woven linen samples for The Linen Project using the linen yarn produced from our 2019 flax harvest. 

Hand-weaving linen is a particular skill, as linen yarn requires specific handling and attention. The weaving technique and rhythm has everything to do with the structure of the fibre and the relatively rigid nature of the yarn. Weaving with linen requires specific knowledge of the thread and the loom; ‘Your body must feel it. You can’t ‘just’ weave linen, you need to bring peace with you.’ The liveliness of the flax fibre is expressed in the cloth. 

A passionate and expert weaver, Eva Klee also gives masterclasses in linen weaving for Crafts Council Nederland, in recent editions working with yarn from The Linen Project. 
Images courtesy of KLEE handwoven.

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