Under the curation of Loes Schepens, Linen Steward 2020, gallery Paper Art & Design in the Hague opened its doors to the public exhibition Flax!/Vlas! from 16 October 2021 to 8 January 2022. A handful of makers translated their flax harvest and experiences as Linen Stewards of 2020 into handmade objects, including fibres spun into linen yarn, and paper made from the shorter fibres. The unique textiles, objects and artworks are created with great care for the material, originating from the conditions and inspiration that nature provided on the field.

Participating Linen Stewards of 2020 included Henrike Gootjes, Maaike Gottschal, Hans Hutting, Heleen Klopper, Kelly Konings, Marieke van Mieghem, Loes Schepens, and the Collective Garment makers. A short documentary on traditional flax processing commissioned by Crafts Council Nederland and filmed by Theodorus Johannus was also on view during the exhibition.