Flaaksskoalle (Flax School), organised by Friesland-based project Circulair op de Miensker, brought together diverse initiatives to shed light on the value of flax from different perspectives; the contribution to biodiversity and CO2 storage, as a plant-based textile fibre, as an appealing design resource, the potential of (local) traditional processes, and its cultural-historical significance. Joan den Exter spoke on behalf of The Linen Project, joining designer Christien Meindertsma of Flax Project and Fertile Grounds, Susan Smelt and Ingeborg Meijssen of the Rijksmuseum, and Eileen Blackmore of Wad van Waarde. 

Circulair op de Miensker is part of the Wad van Waarde programme, which aims to reduce the damaging effects of (micro)plastics on the Wadden sea by establishing a local circular economy focused on reusable and bio-based alternatives. The Flaaksskoalle event took place in conjunction to the Fertile Grounds exhibition at the Fries Museum on December 12 2022.
View a video recap by Cristiaan De Kok of Noordermedia. Presentations in Dutch.