This webinar hosted by Northern California Fibreshed member Chico Flax features a panel of experts from the United States, Canada, and Europe who are working to build viable regional flax-to-linen industries. Speakers include small farmers undertaking flax production in collaboration with local universities, yarn manufacturers, and designers; amongst them are Pascale Gatzen, on behalf of The Linen Project, and Patricia Bishop, of TapRoot Fibre in Nova Scotia and a member of our wider research community.

The following topics are addressed: overcoming growing and production challenges, changing from hand processing to mechanical small-scale mini-mills to provide locally sourced fibres, seed production to meet the demands of a growing small-scale flax industry, and innovative partnerships working toward reestablishing a regionally based linen industry.

View the full programme of speakers hosted by Chico Flax. Conversations are held in English. The webinar was originally held on January 28 2021.