Industrially Woven Linen Textile, Enschede Textielstad, Enschede

In January 2020 the first metres of industrially-woven textile produced using The Linen Project’s locally grown linen yarn rolled off the loom at Enschede Textielstad, one of The Linen Project’s regional partners. Many thanks to founder Annemieke Koster for working with us in realising this step in reinstating small-scale local linen production. The resulting textiles were used in The Linen Project’s first co-design processes and by Arnhem-based fashion designer Elsien Gringhuis. Images below are courtesy of Enschede Textielstad. 

Operating in the east of the Netherlands, in one of the last weaving mills of what was once one of the largest textile producing cities of Europe, Enschede Textielstad seeks to produce textiles as locally and sustainably as possible; catering to smaller production runs and valuing craftsmanship alongside technological developments in achieving a fair and transparent high-quality product. 

Taking the next step towards a local linen economy, The Linen Project in partnership with Enschede Textielstad will be offering textiles to order with the Linnen Kavels initiative in 2022. Subscribe to our mailing list for more information. 

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